How to track a stolen phone in Nigeria

Track your lost or stolen Phones by filling the complainant form with your device IMEI

How to track a stolen phone in Nigeria

In this article, we shall be discussing how to track a stolen phone here in Nigeria. There are varying methods being advertised on the internet as a solution to recovering a stolen or lost phone.

Some of which are application such as:

  • My Kids GPS Phone Tracker
  • Mobile Tracker for Android
  • Cell Phone Location Tracker
  • Live Mobile Number Tracker
  • Find My Phone
  • GPS Mobile Number Location Finder:Travel Together
  • Anti Theft Mobile Tracker
  • and many more

But i’m sorry to disappoint you here, non of the above mentioned applications or methods using those applications mentioned above can give you what you are looking for.

I’m not saying that they don’t work, they do but only in some instances.

  • They can only work when there is internet on the phone
  • The app must have been installed on the phone and activated

It might interest you to note that accuracy is not up to 50%. If the new bearer can find the way to uninstall the app, you will lose trace of the phone. Not even Apple find my phone app is 70% accurate.

Let me introduce you to the best way of tracking your lost or stolen phone. The best way and still the most reliable way of racking lost or stolen phone in Nigeria is through the phone imei number. The phone imei number is a 15 digit unique code that identifies the phone. To get the code, dial *#06# on your phone and the code will be displayed.

If you are using a double SIM phone, the number will be two. copy it out and keep in case of a day like this whereby you misplace your phone or it is stolen.

How to track your phone using the imei number.

For the mean time, private individuals are not allowed to track their phones using the imei number. Only security operatives are allowed to track phones in Nigeria. on this platform, we can help you track your lost or stolen phone provided you have the under-listed information.

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  1. yakubu says:

    i tried calling the phone number but it says switched off, i want to know how reliable you are. because my phone had just been stolen

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    it was helpfull

  3. Sam says:

    Please can I have a contact for a private chart?

  4. Sunday Philip Enenche says:

    I lost my infinix smart 2 HD that I bought from Jumia and I need ur help plz… 08063781901

  5. Saved the blog as a favorite, I really like your blog and articles!

  6. Ibeh says:

    What if I have the purchase receipt without Police report?

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